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Sep 112014

“Ten Years”

by Staff Sgt. Kelley Perry

Ten years ago, you walked on our soil
Concealed in plain sight, destruction your goal
An army of cowards, a sentinel of shame
A life of anger, with America to blame.

Ten years ago, hatred grew wings
Evil grew a face, cowardice had a name
Targeting our businesses, our children, our homes
You prayed that our fallen would become our bygone.

Ten years ago, revenge took flight
Our rockets and bombs were stars in your night
The crack of gunfire, the rumble of tracks
The militia of cowards was under attack.
While notes of TAPS sound at home on our shores
The forces of vengeance arrive at your door
A people’s determination, a country’s resolve
The leader of cowards himself would soon fall.

Ten years later, America still stands
Freedom and liberty powering our great land
Scores of our warriors have laid down their lives
Your scoundrels their battle, our freedom their prize.

Ten years later, we remember the lost
The response to your acts has come with a cost
We celebrate our victories, we train for new fights
We chase faceless villains in day and through night.

Ten years later, our resolve is anew
The opponents of freedom remain in our view
Though we mourn those we lost, we find strength in our tears
And vow we shall never forget – these ten years.


- See more at: http://publications.geauxguard.com/we-remember/#sthash.u8H6iFT9.dpuf

Aug 122014
Airborne Tab (Yellow)

Airborne Tab (Yellow) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a Christian, Catholic to be exact. I am also Retired from the military after 38 years of blood, sweat and many tears. As the saying goes, Shot at and missed, Shit at and hit, Then fired on for effect.  I have loved the Military my entire life and I guess I always will. The Military has been , and remains the biggest part of my life.  Back in the 70’s as an E-4, I was pulled off of the Sgt’s list to make room for another soldier to keep the “Affirmative Action” police happy.  It hurt a lot and made changes in the way I looked at life and the Army, but I survived and still gave my all.  Later, as a young Warrant Officer, I saw the integration of women into the military.  In the Army, WAC’s  ( Woman’s Army Corp ) became female service members.  That changed things as well, but they weren’t allowed in combat so it wasn’t too bad.  Then came the game changer. Homosexuals, historically, were not allowed in the military, period.  If a soldier was found to be homosexual, he ( or she at the time ) were discharged from the service.  Our Commander in Chief at that time was BJ Clinton. That idiot caused a lot of strife trying to appease the very small percentage of supporters and the Liberal left. He changed the not allowed bit to the infamous “Don’t ask Don’t tell” policy. That changed the way a lot of soldiers looked at life, the Army and each other. Once again, the powers that be were trying to cater to the few while the many suffered. But being an Officer I did my best to buck up, as they say and be a good soldier.  The Army Chief of Staff, Gen Eric Shinsecki, the now disgraced VA head, tried to make a name for himself. Oh he did too, though not in a good way.  He felt that the Army needed a morale booster so he took the Historic Black Beret, worn only by the Rangers, and made the entire Army wear it. Now I don’t have a Black one. but I have worn the Maroon Beret ( Airborne ) twice and I worked my ever loving ass off to get it, and the Blue (Air Assault) once. All berets are earned, or as we said, won! They are not give aways or for everyone.  The Beret is a badge of honor, no less than the Airborne wings, Ranger tab or Special Forces tab. It is not something to be given away at CIF1 with your initial issue of clothing. That one move was the worst thing anyone could have done. The average soldier didn’t want the Black Beret, felt that the Rangers got a raw deal and the morale of the entire 75th Ranger Regiment was destroyed in one fell swoop. What an idiot move. That policy has not changed to this day. Sorry my brothers.

528 SOSB (A) shoulder patch.

528 SOSB (A) shoulder patch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But wait, there’s more. Recently, the DOD in it’s infinite and questionable wisdom, decided to allow women into combat roles. I’m sorry, while I love women (yes I am human) and trust, for the most part, their abilities and courage,  I feel that combat is no place for women.  I was raised with a belief that my job was to nurture and protect women and it’s a job I have always done well. When I am getting shot at, I do not need the added distraction of trying to protect a woman soldier that hasn’t been raised to fight. Women here in the US have never been raised that way and stepping out of the support roles is a bad move. Not to mention the added worries of what would happen to them should they be captured. To this date I know of no woman going to or completing a level II or III SERE2 course. Believe me they are brutal even to those of us raised in the military or who think we are all macho and crap. No offense to you women who feel like you should be on the front lines, it’s just my opinion that’s all and I stand by it.

Wait, I’m not done yet. Then comes Barack Hussein Obama. Again, catering to the few ( less than 2% of the population), he decides to get rid of the prohibition against homosexuals in the military.  Stupidest thing he could have ever done, except of course taking us out of Iraq and downsizing the military to pre- WWI levels.  Sorry, but that’s my opinion. Homosexuals DO NOT BELONG IN A FOXHOLE, AIRCRAFT, SHIP OR IN THE MILITARY PERIOD! Again, that’s my opinion and I will not change it to appease some sick minority. If you don’t like what I say, don’t read my blog.

And last but not least, lets talk Navy. I was always under the impression that the Navy was a US Military arm. That they were bound by the traditions and laws that the rest of us were. That the Constitution and the FREEDOM’s within applied to them too. Who in the seven hells of war do they think they are? You don’t take the Bible out of your guest rooms and dispose of them just because 1 or 2 atheists are pissed.  Again, a very tiny minority are upset so you piss off the other 5  million active, retired and family members just to appease them. Between you and the Air Force telling their Chaplains they can’t say Jesus during sermons, those are about the stupidest, blasphemous, anti American things I can think of.  But you see, that’s what happens when you get a Communist and a bunch of progressive yes-men as secretaries running things. And after the great purge where Obama got rid of all the Patriot Generals and Admirals ( Except for Gen Amos of the Marines. Go Gen Amos! ) all that’s left are progressive bleeding heart liberal Generals and Admirals leading our troops.  Eisenhower warned us way back to watch out for the Military Industrial Complex. Well, it’s not so much industrial as social but it’s there and the Military is slowly being destroyed from within. Hell you have senior SGM’s telling Congress to cut pay and benefits to the troops. How communistic is that?  So much for the “Bottom Up Review” held and issued back in the 80’s. God forbid if any one wants to invade the US. Wait……………….

So bottom line.  I have always loved the Army and despite all the flaws and changes that have taken place over the years, I always will. I will always hold out the hope that maybe somehow, someday that the Military, all branches will return to it’s former glory. I salute all of our Veterans. God bless them all. You are given jobs that on one else has the balls ( yes you too ladies. I know you all try to do your best  ) to do and are restricted to the point that you find doing the job almost impossible to do.3 And I will always be with you in spirit and thought no matter where in the world you fight. Thank you for your service no matter who your leaders are or what they try to do to My Army and My Military.  Remember……NightStalkers don’t Quit.


Retired and still Serving.

Publius CW4 USA Retired

  1. Central Issue Facility []
  2. survival Evasion Resistance and Escape []
  3. Just like Korea, Viet Nam, Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm ETC….Get the message? I’ll make it easy, we aren’t allowed to win! Dumbasses []
Jul 192014

Politicians here have not even figured out how yet to implement their new law requiring us to pay for everybody else’s health care, and already people are clamoring to legalize drugs that are, at the very least, hazardous to their health.

The good people of Colorado and Washington state can now buy and smoke pot without violating state laws. The movement to do so is spreading among other states like a hot tropical virus through a detention facility on the Mexican border.

I, for one, have never really cared one way or the other if people choose to smoke pot. My experience is that it appears to make most people dumber and slower. But it also seems to make some people happy and fall asleep, which I view as a real positive. Especially the part about putting them to sleep.

But I certainly don’t think that my long-developed and strongly held views against using drugs should be inflicted upon other people to whom I have no responsibility. Nor do I believe that someone else’s devotion to a weed pipe in any way impinges upon some high morals or precious views that I might hold.

I don’t like cats. But I don’t want to outlaw cats.

Here is the thing that really bothers me now. Go ahead and smoke all the dope you want to. But why is it that I have to now pay these people’s health care bills, which are going to be much higher now that it is legal for them and their children to suck dangerous carcinogens down their windpipes?

With all the caterwauling we have heard for years from the nanny state do-gooders over the dangers of smoking tobacco and eating crappy food, where is the outrage now? There may be plenty of debate about whether smoking marijuana is more dangerous than smoking tobacco. But nobody who isn’t a hopeless pothead is arguing it is less dangerous.

Already, studies show a rise in pot-related fatal car wrecks in Colorado.

Where are you, Michael Bloomberg? Why isn’t the first lady donning spandex and jumping up and down about this? Let’s move!

It is the same reason we are now forced to know all about this outfit called Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby is a small, arts and crafts chain store run by Christians who, shockingly, have religious views on such topics as when human life begins.

The Supreme Court has issued a very minor and limited ruling on an obscure issue saying that, no, the government cannot force Christian employers to pay for birth control that destroys human embryos — an act that, according to their religious beliefs, is murder.

War on women! How dare the Supreme Court and the federal government invade the bathrooms and bedrooms of American women!

Let us not forget that the only reason the Supreme Court and all the rest of us are in this predicament is because we got forced into the bathroom at knifepoint when politicians passed a law making us pay for everybody else’s health care!

It really is a vintage Washington compromise.

This ever-compromising lot of rotten politicians have once again managed to consider both sides of the political spectrum and pick the very worst aspects from both sides.

From the left, they picked endless spending and morally hazardous policies that encourage bad behavior. And from the right, they picked insufferable moralizing by forcing taxpayers into suddenly caring very deeply about what everybody else is doing behind closed doors in their bedrooms, bathrooms and basements.

It is just what happens when the government forces people to pay for everybody else’s health care. Taxpayers suddenly have a real investment in other people’s bad habits. Suddenly, we have to sully ourselves with the business of how other people flush their hot mistakes from their fetid wombs.

Now a jackass doing wheelies down the highway on his motorcycle with firecrackers hanging out of his pants and an infected nose ring dangling down over his greasy goatee is suddenly my business. I am forced to hope it is just a clean kill and the meat wagon carries him directly to the funeral home.

I am not moralizing here. It is just plain and simple mathematics, now that I am paying the bills.

Charles Hurt can be reached at charleshurt@live.com, and on Twitter @charleshurt.

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