You didn’t know there was a war on Thanksgiving, did you?

There is. And 2014 sees turkey producer Butterball lobbing the first attack in that annual battle. In answer to PETA’s annual anti-turkey Thanksgiving campaign Butterball has secured certification from the Amercian Humane Society for their humane treatment of farm animals.

PETA traditionally uses the holiday of Thanksgiving to push their animal rights agenda. With billboards, magazine ads, television commercials, online events and high-profile protests PETA annually engages in a campaign each Thanksgiving to get Americans to eat something different each year.

There has been no indication that these efforts have resulted in fewer turkeys being sold and consumed each Thanksgiving.

But Butterball is tired of the bad press and has taken bold steps to secure something of a PR coup before PETA has a chance to launch their annual campaign.

Consumer Reports, which issues report cards on food labels, rates the American Humane Certified stamp “somewhat meaningful.” The label requires producers to follow basic standards, CR found: adequate food and clean water and ensuring that the animals are “free from pain and unnecessary stress.’”

It won’t be enough for PETA, of course. Soon you will see the annual “undercover” videos of conditions at turkey farms — likely a Butterball facility this year — that will show mournful turkeys crammed into tight spaces with nothing to do but eat, sleep and cannibalize each other. There will be a lot of talk about beak trimming, toe trimming and turkeys that are not allowed to be outdoors.