Mar 272013

Update 3-28-13

I received a reply to email I sent to the school and it sure doesn’t jive with what the media is reporting. In it Ms Davenport stated that she has not nor would she ban the word “Easter” at her school.  I really think its funny how they try to screw up our kids then deny it. Oh well…….Publius

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It is so typical of the left wing Communist/Socialists in our school systems to be politically correct .Read the article School bans “Easter” from Holiday egg hunt. You can say or do anything you want against Christians but God forbid ( Can I say God? ) you should say anything bad about Muslums or other non Christian relegions Same goes for “lifestyles”  Why is it always the Christian that always has to give in? I am really tired of this Bull Crap!  I went to the website of Heritage Elementary School and let them know how I felt about things. ( Heritage website ) Imagine having an academic egg hunt. Be serious! It’s Easter. Do you remember why we celebrate? Well Ill tell you. Jesus died on the cross so that your sins would be forgiven. He was crucified by people like you so that you would have everlasting life. You should be teaching them about Easter instead of trying to turn them into drones! You are the same people that have “holiday trees” instead of Christmas trees. What idiots! You need a lot of forgiving. Better quit teaching and get on your knees! By the way, I am very offended by your actions. But I am a Christian better yet I am Catholic so I guess It doesn’t matter to you does it?


Thats my story and I’m sticking to it!

God Bless America. And Happy Easter, Remember why we celebrate. And to all my Jewish friends Shalom, Have a thoughtful Passover.

—– Publius

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